Prestashop : how to improve and facilitate your customer support and service

Find out how to how to improve and facilitate your customer support and service thanks to the BO Customizer module for Prestashop

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The Prestashop Module BO Customizer allows you to customize the different lists of the Prestashop Back-office by easily selecting the informations to display.

It is indeed possible to modify the default prestashop columns display for the list of orders to select the most interesting data for your customer service. BO Customizer allows you not only to display numerous additional informations, but also to search and sort on these columns.
Among the available data, we can emphasize on :

  • a direct link to the customer profile, which prevents the need to consult the detail of an order to go to said profile,
  • a clickable tracking number to follow delivery,
  • a link to the customer thread containing all support messages related to the order,
  • the status of this thread (open/closed),
  • the list of products present in the order,
  • the list of products that have been returned in the order,
  • and many more…

Anyone can therefore optimize and adapt the module to fit his own needs and habits.
It also simplifies several daily task, by using filters, like for example :

  • Answer issues in orders where the customer thread is still open,
  • make sure there is no order left without a tracking number,
  • instantly access relevant information during a phone call in order to answer efficiently to the customer,
  • etc.

BO Customizer also allows you to create various views with different settings for each list (products, categories, orders, customers, messages, etc). Thanks to this functionality, it is possible to choose, according to your present needs, the informations to display.
Each employee can hence create a view for his own role :

  • One view for the order picker,
  • One view for the customer service,
  • One view for management, with profit margins per order,
  • and many more, to determine yourself, according to your needs

If you ever asked yourself « how can I add a column to my prestashop screens » or « how can I make better use of the prestashop back-office », don’t hesitate anymore ! Go straight for BO Customizer : improve your back-office.

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